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Rob Zombie Directs Horror-Movie Parody for Woolite

2011-06-16 by Tim Nudd

Rob Zombie, who directed the rebooted Halloween and Halloween II movies in recent years, brings more of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibe to this new Woolite commercial from Euro RSCG, advising you not to torture you clothes with other detergents. Mr. Zombie, as he is referred to, of course, in the New York Times story, says the spot isn't scary at all—it's "more like a Tim Burton" film than something truly horrifying. The main character, he says, "is like Uncle Fester" from The Addams Family, and not "like some child killer out in the woods." Maybe, but the client still needed some convincing. When we saw the first storyboard we almost flipped from our chairs," says Reckitt Benckiser's Jiri Kulik. "Eventually, with testing, we got more and more comfortable with it."

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Rob Zombie Drives Us Ant Crazy For Amdro

2012-05-03 by Original Staff

NEW YORK --- Saatchi & Saatchi New York teams up notorious horror enthusiast, musician and director Rob Zombie to reveal how an ant infestation can truly crawl into a person's brain in the new :30 "Death Note" for ant control giant, Amdro.

"Death Note" opens on the aforementioned unhinged man at his basement desk, checking the sharpness of a blade on his knife. We cut to a closeup of the knife slowly cutting out a miniature letter. The man observes the freshly cut letter through a microscope and wildly laughs at his work. As he continues to work, he says, "Oh, you're messing with the wrong guy." The man jabs his knife into his desk and savagely laughs over his finished product, which reads, "You will die ants." The voice echoes, "When ants drive you crazy, get crazy right back." The spot cuts to a well-lit outdoor shot with the same man happily dusting his lawn with Amdro. The spot concludes with a shot of the Amdro bottle with a flickering "No mercy. No bugs" tag.


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Saatchi & Saatchi Launches Latest Eerie AMDRO Spot

2012-08-22 by Original Staff

New York - Saatchi & Saatchi NY releases its latest AMDRO work, directed by rock star and horror movie director Rob Zombie.

Appropriately entitled "Ant March," this iteration emphasizes the idea that no one ever sees the invasion coming. One morning you wake up and they're everywhere. Ants. Suddenly you're overwhelmed with an uncontrollable fury - a primal rage that says, "Must. Kill. Now." 


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